Double Marker Test

Being a parent is a wonderful thing with the anticipation of forthcoming joy and happiness of a new you or a part of you soon to join this world. Nevertheless there is anxiety about the baby being normal. We have few tests up our sleeve which can detect abnormalities early in pregnancy and Double Marker test is one of it.

Its measures values of two analytesin blood of mother during 11 weeks to 13 weeks 6 day of pregnancy

> Free beta HCG-a hormone produced by placenta
> Pregnancy Associated Plasma Protein A (PAPP-A)-produced by the covering of the newly fertilized egg


Getting tested early during pregnancy will provide vital risk information about the health of your baby and will guide your doctor to take necessary step in guiding you to the course of action.


Double Marker Test Screening positive can be for either Down syndrome or Edward and patau syndrome. A screen positive doesn't mean that the baby is affected with the disease. It means that the chance of baby having the disoder is more and the couples have to opt for further test like Amniocentesis/NIPT.


MOM means mulitiples of medians. It is a correlated value with the mean of the normal population.


No special precaution are necessary before taking the test

How long will be the result take?

The result will take one week approxiximately